Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush On Sunscreen Review

Colorescience Powder Brush ON Sunscreen

Yes, this is a physical protectant, and brush on sunscreen. And spoiler alert: I really like it.

I love the idea behind this product. Simply because it takes away every single excuse I can imagine when it comes to sunscreens and physical protectants:

  1. I don’t like how sticky it feels – not with this bad boy. Because IT’S POWDER BABY
  2. I don’t reapply because it would mess up my makeup: not with this because its an invisible powder!
  3. I don’t like the white cast it gives me: once again, it’s an invisible powder. No white cast over here

Reapplication is necessary for consistent sun-protection and honestly, this product takes all those negatives away. Made with 23.9% Titanium Dioxide and 24.1% Zinc Oxide, this sunscreen gives a whooping SPF 50, yet remains so lightweight oh my god. I really think a product like this should be in more people’s purses and essentials (and I wish even more that I was paid to say that)

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How To Use:

After opening the package, and taking the top off, there was a little rubber band holding all the hairs of the brush together. After taking that off, I found the most effective way to bring powder through the brush was the tap it against the back of my hand and wait until a tiny cloud formed. This showed me that product was on the brush and ready to be applied.

Upon Immediately Application:

It all felt like a trick. I quite honestly didn’t think I was putting anything on my face. However, I put it on after my I finished my concealer and noticed a fine powder somewhat “setting” my concealer, so it must have been depositing! This seemed like a huge downside, however. For a brief moment, I didn’t know if I was depositing anything. Luckily I had my concealer on so I could slightly see the resulting powder, but still, I wish there was an easier way to see if I’m getting the coverage that I need.

Touch Ups:

Touch ups and reapplications are easy peasy with this. It didn’t mess up my makeup at all. I really like how easy this is to carry in my bag and take with me on the go. And, I mean really, can we all acknowledge the fact that this DOESN’T MESS UP YOUR MAKEUP?! Seriously. For continuous SPF coverage, this type of a product is a necessity in my opinion.

A Few Potential Downsides:

I really like the sunscreen. I mean obviously. But here are some things I couldn’t help but notice regarding this type of product:

Swimming. Would a powder like this be immediately washed off? How sweat proof is this? The website mentions that it is highly water-resistant for 80 minutes after application, but in my personal opinion, I think that I may rub my face so frequently that this may just come off from that. Furthermore, I am NOT a fan of how hard I have to tap this to deposit the product on the brush, and how much product ends up escaping! I feel like I can see my money flying away from me!

I’ve worn this sunscreen many times now, and I can honestly say that it’s so lightweight that I can’t tell if its there or not. This can be a great thing, if you see the product depositing, or the bit of product that escapes when you tap it against your wrist, but hugely negative as well, because it’s difficult to tell when the product has been rubbed off/come off. Guess that just means I gotta keep reapplying!


Happy Moisturizing,


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