My 4 Essential Summer Skincare Tips


Everyone seems to know the “basics” when it comes to summer and skincare: sunscreen, hats, and hydration.  Granted, while these are highly important things, there are certain aspects of these topics that are rarely discussed and acted upon. Below I explain, yes, why these things are essential, but also

The Fundamentals:

  1. Visit Your Local Hydration Station People!

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “hydrated skin is happy skin” right? So of course summer wouldn’t be an exception here! Water helps cleanse your body of toxins and helps with the general functionality of your body.  Drinking the proper amount or even a tad extra, can help repair your skin’s damaged moisture barrier all while cooling you down from the summer heat.  Especially in high temperatures, your body is prone to dehydration causing fatigue and dizziness —  who wants to faint when you could be enjoying your summer barbecue? Yeah. No one.

2.  Sun Protection and Water-Based Sunscreen.

As an avid sunscreen wearer and ardent sun-avoider, I urge you to wear sunscreen and reapply. I used to absolutely despise sunscreen. Now, I can’t live without it. I used to think  all sunscreen was sticky, oily and a general all-around mess so I never used to wear it under my makeup. However, those were the days when I only used oil-based sunscreen rather then water-based. Water-based sunscreen dries neatly and comfortably on the skin compared to their oily counterparts. Now, I save the thicker, more sticky sunscreen for days in the pool or excessive sweating, specifically days I know I’ll be in and around water. Here is a person favorite: Biore Sunscreen SPF 50 that’s only around 8 dollars!

Moreover, if your summer activities end up bringing you to the water, make sure to reapply frequently. Not only because the sunscreen can come off more easily, but also because water is reflective. Anyone that’s taken a physics class can tell you: Water. Reflects. Light.  Therefore, the UV-containing light is directed back onto your face alongside traditional sunlight — leading to much stronger exposure and all the more reason to re-apply. This is why things like rash guards (you know, those sun shirts surfers wear that are spf 50) and sun shirts can be extremely beneficial for people with pale and sensitive skin.

3. Hats are our Friends.

Running outside? Wear a hat. Laying by the pool? Wear a hat. Gardening? Wear a hat.

For one, you’ll have less direct sun-exposure — great for wrinkle prevention. But another, rather uncommon reason to wear a hat is because your scalp is your skin too! Meaning that it can get sunburn as well. Granted, our hair is does help a bit, but if you have a naturally sensitive scalp like I do, wearing a hat when in the sun can alleviate a ton of future discomfort. I mean, also it prevents sunburns so that’s great too. But I’ll take it that (hopefully) you already know that?

4. Tread Lightly With Skincare and Makeup Products

Your winter skincare regime probably looks a bit different then your summertime one. That’s a good thing! And if not, you’ll probably want to look for a lighter moisturizer to start with. Summer is a time for sweating just for the sake of sweating, and with sweat comes clogged pores if not properly treated. Therefore, you’ll probably want to lighten up with the products you’re using. Or at least, change them up only in the A.M. and leave your heavier products to seep in during night time.

Secondly, reapplying sunscreen over makeup may seem like a huge hassle. However, re-applying sunscreen doesn’t mean you have to re-apply a sunscreen lotion, but could mean re-applying a tinted powder sunscreen. Yes! Those things exist! This one from Colorscience is a great one and a person favorite! That way, you won’t ruin the ~true masterpiece~ you just created with lotion.


With that said, I could truly go on and on about skincare during the summertime. I always feel that some of these tips can be seriously underplayed and not properly discussed in their entirety, so hopefully this gave you some enlightening information to help you achieve you #skincaregoals!


Happy Moisturizing,


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