COOLA Sport Organic SPF 50 Sunscreen Review

Ohh, the days of summer. Nothing reminds us more of summer the wonderful scent of sunscreen and chlorine-filled public pools. Don’t get me wrong, sunscreen in the summer is my lifeblood – I wouldn’t be caught without it. But, overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was caught without this particular sunscreen – if you catch my drift.


So I actually received this sunscreen from my Fab Fit Fun summer box and was running out of my Missha SPF 50 sunscreen as it was, so I thought, Hooray! This is actually perfect! Little did I know, I would become very disappointed. I hadn’t heard of this sunscreen previously – and I haven’t looked up any other reviews of this. So, maybe other people have differing opinions of me. But as someone with dry skin, I am not particularly fond of this sunscreen.


The packing itself is very clean, crisp, and clear. It gets to the point. This stuff is organic, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free, all very clearly labeled.


This is where things get interesting. This stuff is supposed to be a sunscreen *and* moisturizer in one, from what it looks like on the front of the package. Further, as someone with dry skin, this made me happy.  Gimme all that moisture please! You could definitely tell it has a watery-like feel to the cream. Further, it does have a light, delicate “white tea- like” scent. Nothing burdensome, nor something that I imagine would set off a sensitive nose. It feels very light weight when immediately applying it.

Yet, once I put this on my face, I had to fan my face for about two minutes to encourage it to dry (and to think, this is on already dry skin, if you have oily skin – I’d run far away from this product all together). Also, this is me applying it after I had just washed and dried my face – a.k.a. I hadn’t applied any moisturizer yet.

However, I must say, this product always felt like there was something oily sitting directly on top of my skin – be it during leisure or exercise time. I have used this product for about two weeks now, and at several points, I have put on the sunscreen and subsequently worked out. It says it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes after waiting that 15 minutes post application. Let me tell you, sweat seems to wipe away this product faster then anything I could imagine. Water-Resistant for 80 minutes? With my experience with this product? I don’t think so. Maybe I just have magical sweat. But for a sunscreen labeled “Sport” it really wasn’t doing a justice when I was, well, engaging in sport. As my sweat would drip down my face, so would the product. In other words, as my sweat would come close to my eye/ in my eyes – so would the product. It didn’t sting nor hurt in any way (thank goodness), but it certainly clouded my sight for a few moments until I could wipe it away better.  Now, I’m the type of person who enjoys indoor exercises, such as the treadmill and cycling so I can only imagine if this happened if I was running outside, or cycling in traffic – yikes! As someone who is used to Asian sunscreens, such as Missha, the product getting into my eyes and clouding my vision from sweating was something I hadn’t experienced in years. I’ll probably continue to use this product until it runs out – as I really don’t like throwing out products I paid for.

Heres the positives though – its cruelty free and ethically sourced. I love that about this product. Seeing as how they rightly display that on their packaging makes me proud to make a purchase/support a company like this. So really, overall my thoughts of this product are mixed. I love that this company clearly has a soul, but could have definitely used a little more time on the development end of the spectrum.


Happy Moisturizing,


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