Namu Life Snail White Serum and Sunscreen Review

As a Westerner, snail secretion serum and sunscreen sounds like something out of a comedy film where one jokester replaces another’s moisturizer with the gooey-substance. When it reality, snail secretion is nutrient packed with glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid which all come together to create bright, moisturized skin.

In this case, my father was traveling of Thailand and couldn’t help but notice one heavily advertised product: Namu Life’s Snail White line. This range carries everything from an everyday moisturizer, serum, sunscreen and even sheet masks, with the same basic concept: snail mucin as the main focus. Funnily enough, my father picked up the sunscreen and serum more as a (expensive) “joke” gift. Little did he know it would be come a staple in my skincare routine, so jokes on him!

Not going to lie, at first I was extremely skeptical that ~anything~ advertised to “whiten your skin” MUST have something like bleach in it to create an even skintone. Boy could I not be more wrong. In this case, when the word “white” is used in the title, it is in reference to help even out skin tone, not bleach your skin! I promise!

Potential Irritants

According to CosDNA, the only potential acne irritant is from the astringent sunscreen ingredient Zinc Oxide, which is still only rated as a 1 on a scale from 1-5.

And the same goes for the serum! Luckily there are no common skin irritants from this list. Secondly, one “extra” benefit of this serum is that there is Snail Secretion Filtrate with extra Squalene and Sodium Hyaluronate added two ingredients down on the list for added moisture and anti-aging benefits.


Both the serum and the sunscreen come out of an easy-to-use pump, which I have had no issue with since opening. Both the serum and sunscreen take several pumps (2-3) to get the desired about of product to properly coat my face to my liking, meaning, the products is build able. I personally enjoy having to use several smaller pumps rather than one larger one only because I know I will not be wasting any product.


I didn’t notice anything! I’m such a sensitive sandy when it comes to scents in products and was pleasantly surprised about this.

Texture, Application, and Results

The Sunscreen


Pictured above is two pumps after having been rubbed in a little on the other side of my hand (to show potential white cast – that I found none of). You can very easily tell the sunscreen is water based and spreads on the skin smoothly.

The sunscreen, being SP 50/PA++++, feels very much like an average asian sunscreen. Not too thick, but certainly not too thin. With this type of sunscreen, I ~feel~ like I’m getting proper coverage without it being too thin and watery, but not thick enough that I’ll break out. I did notice that I needed to wait a minute or two to let it seep in and adhere to my face before I applied my makeup. But, once it was set, I was good to go. Moreover, it makes my skin look like a dream! So much so that I barely want to use any makeup after I apply it. In my opinion I do not notice a white cast (as someone who is a proud “indoors” person, so take that with a grain of salt). Especially if I put makeup on afterwards, I notice no white cast at all (notice above) .


The Serum


Guys, just look at how sticky that it between my fingers. The texture of this product is very smooth and somewhat slippery, but not slippery after application. After rubbing the serum between my fingers (and getting over how much this resembles snail secretion!), it surprisingly is not sticky on my face. I do like to let my essences and serums sit for a moment before I add the next layer — so that may have had something to do with how minutely sticky it was. However, once I put on my moisturizer, (not snail white) sunscreen and makeup, all the products felt a bit heavy. Not so much that it really affected my makeup, but I did notice it everytime I touched my face. This feeling, in my opinion, would be perfect for night time, but not for the daytime. I do really like how this serum applied, but this definitely, for my skin type (combination), is more of a nighttime serum than a daytime one.

Final Thoughts


I was very happy about the results of this product and continue to use this in my daily routine! I do really like how balanced it makes my skin look and how non-cakey it is.


I will most definitely continue to use this product! But, I will only use it at night. Secondly, I think I’ll have to give myself a minute before I apply my moisturizer afterward (which I do anyways).


Namu Snail White Serum vs. Corsx Snail Mucin Essence

As this serum is a bit thick, it may not be best for an every day summer time product. This is where I think Corsx Snail Mucin Essence would be perfect, as it is an essence and a lighter weight in comparison. Yet, I find my skin craving more moisture when I use the essence in the winter. Because of this, I do believe that in the wintery months, the Snail White Serum would be absolutely perfect if you are in a dry environment like I am for most of the day.




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