Reading Labels: Collagen

Collagen, a naturally occurring polypeptide, is found in our skin and connective alongside our animal counterparts. As a structural and strength-giving necessity, it makes up to around 80% of our skin in our early twenties. So what makes this molecule worthy to include in specifically skincare if our bodies naturally produce it? And well, just … Continue reading Reading Labels: Collagen

Namu Life Snail White Serum and Sunscreen Review

As a Westerner, snail secretion serum and sunscreen sounds like something out of a comedy film where one jokester replaces another's moisturizer with the gooey-substance. When it reality, snail secretion is nutrient packed with glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid which all come together to create bright, moisturized skin. In this case, my father was traveling … Continue reading Namu Life Snail White Serum and Sunscreen Review

Ancient Roman Skincare: What Actually Worked?

Probably know best by his work The Metamorphoses, the famous Roman orator Ovid, born in 43 BC, discussed current social and dermatological practices in the Medicamina Faciei Femineae (Cosmetics for the Female Face). Ovid describes how and why a woman should take care of her skin outlined in elegiac couplets – a style of lyric … Continue reading Ancient Roman Skincare: What Actually Worked?